Halfway there...Passed ICND1!

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Not much of a poster, but maybe my experience can help someone else on the same path to CCNA.

I started studying back on 5/1/11 with a goal of passing the CCNA with the 1 test route on 6/30/11. I was a little disappointed since I felt I would not be ready and miss my goal.

So today I took the ICND1 test on a whim and passed with a 962!

What I used mainly was the cisco academy books which are fantastic. They are way overkill I think on certain things but they do a really good job of helping you understand the material versus just memorizing. The packet tracer activities really hammer the material home.

I then watched the train signal CCNA series and everything just clicked.

I also used these supplemental materials to help drive home certain concepts:

ICND1 (Cisco Press, Odom)
ICND2 (Cisco Press, Odom)
The TCP/IP Guide - The TCP/IP Guide
Sybex CCNA (Lammle)

I would say repetition,hands on, and breaking things help the most.

If I can be of help to anyone let me know. It helps to understand the material better when you help others!

Next stop ICND2.


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