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I just got my notice to check my name and information on the certmetrics site. A PDF of my certification actually says "Security + CE" and holds an expiration of June 2014... I took the SYS-201, is this correct? What is the CE? (I assume it stands for Continuing Education, but what does that mean exactly?


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    Basically, you have to pay a fee and earn a certain number of continuing ed. units every 3 years in order to keep your cert valid. For S+ you need 50 CEUs every 3 years. You can earn CEUs by:
    What types of activities are eligible for continuing education units?

    Among activities that will qualify for continuing education units are passing the most current exam for your CompTIA certification; teaching, lecturing or presenting on relevant industry topics; participating in non-degree courses or computer-based training; attending relevant industry conferences and events; participating in a CompTIA exam development workshop; publishing articles, white papers, blog posts or books on relevant topics; obtaining other industry certifications; or completing industry-related college courses from degree-granting institutions. Please refer to the section entitled “CompTIA Continuing Education Qualified Activities” for a detailed list of qualified activities and categories.

    Lots of additional info and details here: Customer Support Center
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