Wireless G-Router CWR854

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Hey Guys,

How are you all today?
Ok, the user is having some issues connecting from home to our internal network. I been advised that wired connection causes no problem but wireless is a whole different story.
I wonder what settings that needs to be set on the wireless device itself for wireless connection to work for VPN.

The user is using FortiClient SSL VPN.

Thanks guys!


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    What OS does the user have? If it's Vista or newer have the user try setting up the VPN connection though by going to Control Panel> Network and Sharing center, click on setup a new connection or network, select to a workplace and enter the necessary information (This requires though that the user have the CA certificate installed beforehand in trusted certificates, I don't know how the client you mentioned handles certificates). If that works, it could be an issue with the VPN client. Another good idea would be to check the setting of the wireless adapter.
  • moss12moss12 Banned Posts: 222
    She is using windows 7
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    Has she always experienced this issue, or has it just recently occurred?
  • moss12moss12 Banned Posts: 222
    She had this issue always
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