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Passed 70-291 yesterday after failing on Friday by on 22 points by getting a 678. Passed with a 775. I used the Testout and CBT Nuggets along with the MS Press 70-291 book. In going thru all three of those there was very very little on SUS. Both times I took the test I had at least 5 questions on SUS. That is alot of questions for a topic that they dont cover much or not at all in the training materials. For all you who are talking this test, go to Technet website and find all that you can on SUS and study it.

This is my first Microsoft cert out of four that I am going for this time around to get a MCSA: Security. Do I need to do anything special when I sign up for exams 2, 3, and 4, so that all are put under the correct account. I ask this cause I had seen around something along the lines of people having two or three MCP accounts and having to go thru alot of troubles getting it all together under one name and account.


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    nice pass. I need this one, I'm lazy though. Its good to hear questions on SUS, I run one & love it.
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    I had the same issue with the multiple MCP ID's. You can fix it by calling MSFT, but they told me it was because I had an old address on the MCP site and I registered with VUE with my current address. Therefore, they thought I was a new MCP.
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    Congrats man, thats a pretty nasty test.
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    Congratulations!! I just got mcp myself, passed the 70-270, which is the easiest one from what i can figure out, so i think it's great you started off on one of the harder tests!
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