Understanding the concept of subnetting

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My text book states the following

IP Adress:
Subnet Mask:
Host ID
Network ID:

Ok so i understand the IP address is a Class C IP address because of the first octet and also the subnet mask shows me that it is class C

My understanding is in a Class C IP Address the first 3 Octets are the network ID?

If what i stated above was true...

Wouldnt the network id be & The host id be


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    I'm a little puzzled by this. Your textbooks "Network ID" looks like a wildcard mask or something.

    You understand that 192.168.100 is the network portion, and the .33 is the host part of the ip address. I work with this stuff 40 hours a week and don't know what "Network ID" means.

    Circuit ID? Sure...but network ID? Maybe they mean that on network the IP address of the host ends with .33 and they're referring to that as a "network ID". But why bother when you can just say "the IP address of the host is ..."

    EDIT: I did a little searching around, and I think it's just a matter of terminology. If someone wants to know about a network, they will typically ask "what network", not "what network ID".
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