Lab Workbooks -- Opinions?

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So I wanted to know everyone's opinion on what you all use for your labbing material wise (not hardware).

I just picked up INE workbooks, good god it's thousands of pages long, on page 50 at the moment.

So far it's been a breeze, but I'm sure it will get more in depth. What does everyone recommend as far as lab workbooks goes?
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  • reaper81reaper81 Member Posts: 631
    I think most of the workbooks are of similar quality. I use the INE ones myself and I find them good. They have a big community where you can ask questions about the labs which is good. The instructors are often friendly about questions also.

    Narbiks workbook is supposed to be good, from what I've seen it looks a bit sloppy compared to the others if you look at diagrams and so but the content is supposed to be really good.

    I've never used IPExpert but they are probably good as well. Marko is a very talented and nice guy so I'm sure he's put a lot of effort into the workbooks.
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    I've only seen INE's workbooks but everyone I have talked to swears by them. You can't go wrong with any of the 3 that Reaper81 mentioned.
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