CCIE R&S Updates from Cisco Live

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Cisco Live News and Updates: CCIE Routing and Switching

For those who may not have seen it yet


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    Great notes! This provides some valuable insight into the R&S Lab especially on a few of the pitfalls & gotcha's.
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    Good write up, thanks for the link
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    Sigh. Still recovering from "The Storm" here in Chicago -- so I've missed all the online Cisco Live stuff.

    Got (phone) DSL back today. Supposedly get power back tomorrow.

    The 4G broadband signal is back, but to weak to connect with inside (so my 4G personal hotspot has spent the last 2 days out in the carport).

    My 3G MiFi (and Generac 7000E Generator) have worked like boss -- but not enough to let me take off and watch the Cisco Live content.
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    neat we can save to flash! i felt nervous on the config as you can only save to startup which meant if anything got messed up the roll back could be a real pain. this is a great move as you could have a config saved at each major step i.e L2 sorted l3 sorted,redis etc.

    shame they've not changed much to my nemesis of tshoot was hoping they would let us borrow time from config (which would of meant i might have passed both sections if i could of done that)

    back to the books

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