How long on average does it take to prepare and pass the exam?

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How long on average does it take to prepare and pass the exam?

How much is the exam in the UK and where is this done?


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    Hi Graham, I can't speak for everyone but mine took me around 6 weeks, read the Michael Meyers Network+ book a couple of times when I could fit it in, then booked the exam. I think it was around £170, best bet is to goto sign up and it will tell you the cost + your nearest test centre etc.

    I have no doubt that others will have completed it in less time (maybe 2-3 weeks).
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    It also depends on how much experience you have going into it. I passed my Network+ after about 2 weeks of studying, but I had experience with some of the topics previous to the exam. Good luck to you!
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    hi Graham,
    It all depends how as a person can read and assimilate,different people have their ways,some can do 1 week,some 2 weeks and some people months.When i did mine i read Todd Lammle book for two weeks before my test.The test was not too difficult.Go for it Graham,you will get it.
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    Would it be fair to say that a complete novice can comfortably complete in 1 month, or is that just wishful thinking?
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    GrahamUK33 wrote: »
    Would it be fair to say that a complete novice can comfortably complete in 1 month, or is that just wishful thinking?

    I wouldn't call it wishful thinking. If you have the interest and motivation that goal is most definitely possible!
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    It all comes down to how often you study each day.

    It is very possible that a complete novice could complete it within as little as one month of preparation but you'll need to devote enough time to the studies to ensure that.

    With this one it definitely comes down to whether you have any prevoius experience or not and your ability to retain knowledge. Me personally I didn't have a lot of networking experience and I knocked it out after 2 weeks of studying. But keep in mind I took the Network+ after already studying for the MCITP: SA, so I had already covered a lot of networking basics with the MCTS: Network Infrastruction portion of that study.

    Just comes down to who you are, your past experiences, it's possible to pass any exam if you work hard enough in the time you give yourself to prepare, that's my philosophy.
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    When I first started out, everything in the Net+ exam was new to me. Not only new to be but completely new to me. I studied for 6 months, this was because I wanted to know everything I could. I didn't want anything to be unclear to me.

    Sat for the exam and missed one question because it was the very first question and I was waaay too nervous. By the end of the exam I didn't think about going back with my few extra minutes and verifying my answers.
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    I studied for Net+ roughly four months after I got my A+. There was a lot procrastination and distractions during that four months though. I could have completed it within one month if I wanted to, but was in no hurry. I thought I would fail it, but I passed well, and exceeded my own expectations. Know your ports and associated protocols, OSI layers and the devices (what the devices do too), and routing protocols. Those were the big areas for me.

    /// tl;dr: With the right motivation, anyone can get it within one month. Having A+ first helps too.
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    You certianly don't want to be in a rush to get it done. If you are asking how long you need, often times it means someone is on a schedule due to work requirements or something, and that is not a good way to ensure success on an exam. You best bet is to commit at least 6 months to it. If you find that you are completely prepared ahead of time, then great, take it early if you really feel you can pass it. But that way you don't say 'oh it should only take me 5 weeks to be ready' and then you end up failing because you didnt give yourself enough time.
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    If you're fairly good at studying and retaining information, it's not that bad. The information in the Network+ books I had was all pretty new to me when I started. Took me about 4 weeks to study for it, but I devoted every evening after work (with breaks in between) and my entire weekends to watching videos and studying. Purchasing exam software and being able to take multiple prep tests helped quite a bit as well.

    It's doable if you have the time and patience.
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