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Hello All

I am trying to simulate a site to site vpn conection via one router to the other but i want to create a virtual internet in the middle to simulate that the tunnel is going through an ISP can anyone think of any thing.



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    Just create a 3 router setup with the middle router acting as the ISP - i.e

    Router A > Router B
    Router B > Router C
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    Ok thanks, do i need NAT or any access-lists to make it more realistic ?
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    Initially, I would just concentrate on getting your VPN tunnel up and running on a 2 router point to point set up.

    Once you've got that nailed, then add an 'ISP' router in the middle - after you're good with that then you could always add in NAT to make it more realistic

    Bear in mind that in a real life NAT environment normally you exempt your crypo traffic from NAT using route-maps - the exam doesn't go that deep though, as long as you can set up/troubleshoot VPN's you'll be fine
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    Ok Thank you very much for your help :)
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    I wouldn't mess with NAT for studying your ccna:s, there are things that could mess with your VPN that i've ran into.

    I would mess with access-lists though, maybe add a zone-based firewall in between one of your vpn endpoint routers and the "isp" router to get more practice with each configuration since they are both on the ccna:s.
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