Cissp eligible?

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I keep reading over the guidelines to see whether or not I am eligible for this cert, but I keep getting mixed reviews.
  • I have my Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Security
  • Security+
  • 4 Years of Work Experience in IT Field (however only 1 year of that is full time so far as I was in school for the other 3 and worked part time)
  • I have decent experience in three of the 10 domains although this isnt my primary "role" in my current position as an Tier 2 IT Support Specialist I am involved in much of the planning / development of these domains at our company.
- Access Control
- Operations Security
- Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

What do you guys think? Still not enough to go for the CISSP?

All I can determine from their site is you need 5 years experience in security, or 4 years experience with B.Sc degree.

I want to shoot high here for CISSP but if I must...I guess i'll go for SSCP if I wouldnt come close to passing an audit if I were selected. Read another post in here of a fellow who got audited and couldnt prove 60 Months of work in field because he was part time.
Currently studying for:
MCTS 70-642 Network Infrastructure


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