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So has any had something similar happen to them? I used Todd Lammle's book to study for the Network+ exam, and I passed but I didn't really like his method of writting, either way was thinking well his Network book worked for me so I can use his ccent book too. So I bought the book and started reading it and found I was skipping things in his book, due to the fact that I found his writing style to be a bit boring.
So I purchased Wendell Odoms CCENT/CCNA study guide, and I have found his writing is much easier to follow (For me obviously). Anyone else had similar issues with particular authors?

BTW I am in no way, shape, or form saying that Mr Lammle isn't an excellent teacher. Just simply stating that I didn't much care for his style.
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    It depends on the person. Some like Odom's others like Todd's. I read both. Odom's goes into more detail which some like and others don't. I think it can be a bit dry.

    I thought Todd's was more laid back writing style with some personal jokes in there.

    Both are great books, and both will help you pass the exam.
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    I'd have to agree with odysseyelite,

    Lammle's books are very good, and most importantly, interesting to read. Odom's books, again, go into deeper detail but very dry.

    The only other guide I could suggest would be Yap Chin Hoong's CCNA guide.
    You can download for free at;
    .?l?. itcertguides .?l?.

    If you purchase the book, you receive the 3 IOS's and GNS3 labs for free.

    I highly recommend.

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    I agree also. Personally, I'm a fan of Odom. I used his ICND1 book and found it to be great, now I'm using his ICND2 book. I've found that I'm moving through the ICND2 content quickly as there is some overlap from ICND1. With some of ICND2 you're building off what you learned for ICND1 which makes life easier!

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    I like having a wealth of information available to me. For the CCENT I used...

    CBT Nuggets Videos - Very good to start with. Lays a great foundation. Very expensive.

    Todd Lammle's Book - More laid back style.

    Wendell Odom Book - Very dry but to the point. Solid information.

    For the ICND2 I'm using..

    CBT Nuggets Videos

    Todd Lammle's CCNA book

    Wendell Odom's ICND2 Cisco Press Book

    Chris Bryant's Ebook - This is actually a pretty good book. It seems like a mix of the above two making it an easy read and lots of solid information. It's only drawback is that it's only Ebook so you have to read on PC. I got it so that I can read it on my PC though, as I have downtime at work and read/study.
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