GNS3 TSHOOT topology

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Has anyone built the TSHOOT topology in GNS3? I saw a thread a while ago about a hybrid with real switches, but nothing about a full topo. I'm looking over the topology and what equipment would be required and to upgrade my rack to built this out would be pricey.

I guess my real question is, if I use the 3640 with the NM-16ESW for switching, what features would I really be losing out on?


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    That pretty much hits the nail on the head. GNS3 has a list of all the features that the NM-16ESW can't do that switches can, and other stuff that GNS3 cant emulate: GNS3 • List of missing switching features in GNS3 : HOWTOs
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    when I started to study Tshoot, trying to figure out how to build up a gns3 lab implementing the tshoot official topology, I have read here different tactics (making a GNS3 lab only with routers and learning strongly the switch part or buying on ebay switches to complement the GNS3 simulated routers).

    Now that I have taken twice the test I can propose my 2 cents resulting from my experience :

    If you compare on Cisco website the switch topics for Tshoot and if you read the features supported by the NMESW16, you will see that though it is not a perfect match, if any the differences are no big deal.

    As a result I chose to implement the switches in Tshoot layer 2 topology with 3640 with a NMESW16.

    I think it's always better to have a lab as close as possible to the network design, with the benefit of flexibility for a gns3 emulated lab.

    As to the hosts I used jointly vpcs on ubuntu and an emulated cisco router configured as a host, because, I spent days trying to understand the outcome of vpcs when used with dhcp, and I realised that there is a bug in vpcs dhcp client emulation.

    As a consequence to have at least one standard compliant dhcp client (hopefully), I added a cisco router configured as a host.

    to conclude my post here are my advices for preparing the test :

    - personnaly I used the book official certification guide (but I think it is not sufficient) though I learned things about cisco features in it
    - building a lab (in gns3)
    [I think even that trying to figure out what solution to use to implement the topology, of course without any tips from anyone, is the part with most fun in preparing the test]

    but here are my 2 most precious pieces of advice :

    - for people who do not troubleshoot in their job, but who knows how to troubleshoot, one important issue is troubleshooting time management, if you do not troubleshoot often, there may be a time consumming adaptation period, so here is my advice :

    since you can not yourself generate a trouble and troubleshoot it afterwards, try to group with other people, two is a minimum, so that one generates a trouble in your lab that the other is going to troubleshoot, so that you get trained at troubleshooting, and doing it in a not too much time consumming maner.

    - try to practice with Cisco provided tshoot demo, which link is there :

    TSHOOT Demo Item

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