My Lab - Did I forget anything?

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First off, thanks to everyone in the forums. I've been a lurker for a while, tons of great information here.

Here's what I've put together for a lab based on pricing and availability. Looking at completing CCNA, CCNA-Security for now, then deciding if I want to pursue networking or security further as a career path.

Ordered and shipped:
3 x 2651 (12.4 adv ent)
3 x 3550 smi (going to upgrade to emi myself)
1 x 2509RJ (going to make my own roll-over cables)

Not ordered yet, but soon
3 x WIC-2T
3 x SS cable

Other then a rack, is there anything else I might need? I'm far enough along in my studies that I want to get my hands dirty with some things I can't do at work. I'm currently the de facto Cisco guy, but it's mostly troubleshooting, and minor changes.



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    Thats a good lab. I think you will want a couple more serial cards so you can setup a frame relay router. I use the older Serial 1T cards, so I use a cheap 2610 routers with a 4 A/S NM. Not sure what you use with the smart serial, I guess either two 2T cards or a 4/as (or 8 a/s) with a converter cable.
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    For the frame relay I thought I could hook 2 of the routers to one setup as a frame relay router using SS dce/dte crossover cables, but not sure. Anyone know if I am out in left field with my thinking?
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