What show commands after configuring Switch & ROuter?

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After I'm done configuring a switch, I use the following show commands

sh running config
sh ip interface brief
sh mac

for routers

sh running config
sh ip interface brief
sh ip route
sho protocols

Any other sh commands I should use?


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    For switches

    sh int status
    sh port-security
    sh spanning-tree
    sh vlan br
    sh run int <port #>
    sh log


    sh ip <eigrp or ospf> nieghbors
    sh ip <eigrp or ospf> topology
    sh processes cpu history
    sh processes cpu sorted
    sh ver
    sh log

    I cant think of any others at the moment. icon_thumright.gif
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    more for debugging
    but can tell you if serial connections/cables are plugged in or not
    and status of the controllers and if getting buffer overflows / other errors

    show controllers / sh control
    show controller xx where xx is e.g FASTETHERNET 0 or show controller Serial 0/0
    show diag
    show ip interface brief
    show interfaces
    show int status
    show ip protocols
    show ip route
    show ip arp
    show log
    debug ip rip
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    sh cdp nei
    sh lldp nei
    sh etherc summ
    sh int trunk
    sh ip int br | i admin
    sh int | i err-dis
    sh ip int type portnumber switchport
    sh run int type portnumber
    sh vlan / sh vlan id number
    sh mac add add hwaddr
    sh mac add int type portnumber
    sh boot
    sh catalyst6000 traffic-meter
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