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Hello to all,

This is my first post and im trying to find some information with regards the courses cisco or affiliates run.
I have a general Telecomms /I.T background working in mobile telecomms field within the military and i have worked on a couple of short term contracts mainly NT4.0 . I served an apprenticeship in the british military for two years in telecomms gaining city and guilds / have the microsoft nt4.0 core technologies module completed and certified and through the military qualified rsa Adp Specialist (CCIS) due to various commitments and travel I am fully aware that these are out of date but after talking with friends they inform me that may be the CCNA course would be beneficial then moving on to the CCNP later next year.

My main concern which im hoping someone may help me with after gaining the ccna qualification what are the realistic chances of gaining work in this field or should i be going via completely different route.

sorry for the life story but just wanted a straight answer thanks in advance for any replys

scott :)


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    Personally speaking... you have a better chance of getting into military contracts since you all ready have knowledge and a security clearance. Knowledge is always good and you have a better chance than most.

    Of course, Im talking from a former US military vet versus your country.
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