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Hi guys,

I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding how many frames are generated when packets are traverse through a network. Assuming the following setup, can you guys tell me if I'm right or wrong?

(Assume all cabling and routing are correct and router 2 to server 0 is a crossover)

pc0 - switch - router0 - router1 - router 2 - server0

Thought process:
1st frame: pc0 to router 0
2nd frame: router0 to router 1
3rd frame: router1 t router2
4th frame: router2 to server0


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    that's correct. each device is going to remove (for example) the ethernet frame when it's received, then re-encapsulate the packet in another frame when it's sent out to the next hop. assuming that's what you meant.
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    Adding an image as an example:


    Please note: router 2 is in the middle(hence router names are not sequential from left to right)

    1st frame: pc0 to router0
    2nd frame: router0 to router2
    3rd frame: router2 to router1
    4th frame: router2 to server0

    While I think I understand the concept, I still cannot sum it up this in a full sentence. Does anyone have a general rule about how frames are generated?
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