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dear sirs,

I am interested in doing my CCNA this year. I would like to know from my respected friends here which are the good books available on net (free downloadable) apart from Todd Lamle's book. I would also be happy to know apart from packet tracer which is a good simulation material? all help regarding online resources are most welcome. so please help me sirs.



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    NEXT UP: CompTIA Security+ :study:

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    Here's a free textbook: book
    Here's a great simulator:
    Here's how to use that great simulator: Free CCNA Workbook

    There's a ton of great resources in the CCNA FAQ sticky on this forum. Take some time to go through it.
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    CCNA for Dummies. Its an awesome read.
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    Joshuab009 wrote: »
    CCNA for Dummies. Its an awesome read.

    I took a look at a copy of that book a while ago and I recall being quite disappointed in the level of detail in it.
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    CCNA Exam Cram. Good for your brain, good test exams too. Lammle is ok for general knowledge. Why no one mentioned Packet Tracer yet? How about NetSimK? All are good (former is the better choice). Runs in Linux too. By the way your own lab is still necessary. Simulators are great, but playing with hardware gives you more things like "what?! How did this happen?!". Makes you learn a lot. I remember I connected my routers with serial cables and saw a dreaded "line down" on the serial interface. Thought I wasted good money for broken cable. Turned out one of the cables was not totally plugged till the end on one of the routers. Whew. I used two 2516 routers and two 2560 switches, worked great. They were used of course. SDM? Well, you have tow options. Buy router with one installed or plainly memorize everything you see on the pictures from Lammles book or from Cisco website. It ain't that much and if you are aware of the basics its not that difficult.
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