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Does anybody know what the IT job market is like in Europe nowdays ?


  • WebmasterWebmaster Johan Hiemstra Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Things are going pretty good here in The Netherlands. There's even a company that has such a hard time filling job positions, that they started paying candidates for an interview. About $6 per minute.
    This year shows an increase in salaries for the first time since three years. The reason for the shortage is mainly because we don't have enough new IT personel, people rather choose a career in which they don't get fired as soon as the economy goes bad.

    As for the rest of Europe, which is a big place with many different countries, hence the demand per country varies a lot. You can use the major jobsites to get a pretty good idea of what's in demand.

    Are you looking at a country in Europe in particular?
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    hmmmm .... will they pay me to fly to the netherlands for an interview ??? icon_twisted.gif
    rm -rf /
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    I know that places that up and coming in Easter Europe are crying out for skilled people one of my friends has gone to work in prague for £60K a year installing Broadband
    Looking for CCIE lab study partnerts, in the UK or Online.
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    I'm from Poland and I recently read on one of the polish news portals that there is high demand for qualified IT people, because most of the good Polish students emigrated either to other EU countries or to the US :). Try looking at some big corporations' websites - they are most likely to give a good paying job to a person from the outside :).

    Personally, I would rather look at some developing countries, because they are ones with HUGE demand for IT pros. You'll see - in a few years China will be more economically powerful than US and all EU countries combined... :/.
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    I moved from Australia to London for work and haven't been out of a job yet. I am constantly getting phone calls about more job opportunities. High level skills are definitely in demand in London.

    Not sure what the deal is with US people working in London. Australia has a working holiday arrangement as do Canada, Japan, Italy, France etc. where we can work in each others countries for a limited amount of time.

    The US doesn't do that. They don't play nice icon_cool.gif And i would love to a stint in the US. icon_sad.gif
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