Branchecache modes vs Transparent Caching

Hey All,

Was wondering if you could help clarify a few things for me before I take my exam.

Branchcache allows an office to download files a single time and then have them be stored on a computer or server so the other computers in the network don't have to go get the same file again and again.

Distributed Cache Mode has no special server to it, it simply has Windows 7 Ult or Ent computers in the office. The file is requested by computer 1 in the office, and the file is given to that computer. If computer 2,3,4 wants the file, it checks with computer 1 and is given the file.

Hosted Cache Mode requires a Win Server 2008 R2, 2 NICs, 2 IP addresses, and something else at the moment escapes me, but essentially the file in the office is sent to the R2 server, and then PC 1-4 can grab the file from the server.

What is the difference between BC and Transparent Caching? I understand transparent caching comes into effect when a link is below a certain threshold, but I don't understand if the file is automatically cached or if it is on a file by file basis.

Please advise.


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