CBT Nuggets or Trainsignal

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which would you recommend for studying for the CCNA CBT or Trainsignals. I want to get my CCNA and I need some great study material. I am in the 1st semester of ciso academy program. I don't know with is a better training tool to use. Any advise would be helpful.



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    They are both equally good depending on your learning style. Having seen them both I would use this rule. If you like hands on always go with trainsignal, if you like someone lecturing where you need to take notes go with CBT. Undecided then buy them both as there is always something nice about multiple sources. :) Train signal also comes with lots of pages of PDF files which goes back to that note taking bit.

    Oh you do realize that both of these packages are for accelerated study. If you are doing the 4 semester academy I am not sure that you need either or that they will mesh well with ciscos syllabus
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