Cisco online exams?

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Has anyone ever taken a Cisco online exam?

I was looking for a Cisco Ironport Certificaton, and found out that they were offered as online exams. Atfer browsing through some of the information about this kind of exam, I really don't understand how this works.

I mean, anyone can pass an exam at home, with the internet and all kind of documentation available, right...?

Or am I missing something?


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    I passed the exam and obtained my CICSP. It is a challenging exam! I did take the exam via online and they don't give you much time. If you don't have prior experience there is absolutely no way of passing this exam. I have deployed many of the Cisco Ironport series appliances. Also, I also took the official course in which my company paid for at the time. Within the exam there are many different scenario's that are presented in Cisco "fashion".

    Good luck.
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    yeah ive taken the SMB engineers exam online for our company before. Its basically as it says - its an online exam.

    This means when you go through the booking online, instead of booking an exam for a test centre you choose the option for cisco online exams. This allows you to purchase the exam. I think once you purchase you can only have it for 48 hours, or at least once you start the exam. i would double check this though as i may be wrong, it rings a bell from somewhere though. When you are ready to take the exam you can do so via the online portal link which is shown to you through the purchase process. Thus meaning, you can take it in your armchair whilst watching family guy if you want :D. You dont have to sit it in a testing centre.

    Hope that helps
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