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Had a question about sharing resources. If I have a computer that has the "Everyone" full control share permission set, do I need to set up a local user account on the main computer if I am accessing it from a networked computer that has the above permissions?


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    I don't think I understand 100% but from what I gather, you are sharing a folder from Computer A and setting the permission on the Shared Folder to "Everyone - Full Control". If you go to another computer (B) within the network and try to access the shared folder you should be able to no problem. You would only need a Local User account if you were locking it down to only that account.
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    Ok, that is what I thought. SO I would not need to make any changes to how I have it set up now?
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    Please correct me if i'm wrong but in my experience you may also have to: Start > Control Panel > Network and internet > Networking and sharing centre > Advanced Sharing Centre > Drop down the Home or work tab assuming your network location is a home or wokr one > Password protected sharing should be set to disabled.

    A far more secure method would be to create a local user that you want to give out to people (I used to have one simply called "LAN"). Then you can assign a password to the account (remote connections require password unless those options are set that I mentioned above). Give that user read or write privileges over the folder and show the user how to map a folder or use the net use command to map it.

    For a practical example,
    Create the User LAN with the Password LAN.
    Share a folder and apply Everyone permissions on the basic sharing and then apply the stricter permissions under the ntfs security permissions tab. (windows always applies the strictest set of permissions)
    assume that your IP address is or your computer hostname is BOB
    assume the share name is "share"

    on the foreign open a command prompt and type:
    net use F: (where F is the letter you want the mapped network share to appear as in my computer) \\\share /u:Lan Lan
    net use F: \\BOB\share /u:Lan Lan
    leaving out the password will prompt you for the password. It should also store these credentials locally and remap those drives every boot unless deleted. (note that using the hostname is probably better in a dynamic IP addressed environment, the IP address option is there for certain situations)
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