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Can blocked ports receive BPDUs?

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    Switches exchange management information using BPDU. In the root election process every switch in the network will send BPDU to its neighbor.

    All of the switches are constantly sending BPDUs to each other, trying to determine the best path between various segments. When a switch receives a BPDU (from another switch) that is better than the one it is broadcasting for the same segment, it will stop broadcasting its BPDU out that segment. Instead, it will store the other switch's BPDU for reference and for broadcasting out to inferior segments, such as those that are farther away from the root bridge

    In the event that the root bridge begins to fail or have network problems, STP allows the other switches to immediately reconfigure the network with another switch acting as Root Bridge. This amazing process gives a company the ability to have a complex network that is fault-tolerant and yet fairly easy to maintain

    These are info taken from the link:

    Hope this doc will help. So to answer your question... I believe even the blocked ports receive BPDUs from its neighbour.
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