how to determine what app/service/process is bottlenecking my system

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after i turn on my laptop (centrino dualcore vPRO).
the CPU is @ 100% and after taking a look thru performance monitor, the process/service svchost.exe is taking 50%
i kill this process but it just restarts, so i guess its something important.
i need help on this please
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  • elToritoelTorito Member Posts: 102
    Take a note of each svchost process' PID. Then, expand the Services section in the Resource Monitor and find that PID among the running services. Those are the services that are registered under a particular svchost process. You can also use Sysinternals Process Explorer to find services registered under each process.

    With Resource Monitor, you can then check if any of those services might be the culprit.

    Another good place to look would be the event log.
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    I would think someone with the A+ and Net+ and working on the other certs listed may not know what svchost is but should certainly developed some Google skills by now. I'm not trying to bust your chops but seriously this is one of the most important skills you will learn. Good advice from elTorito and I will add that you might as well start a virus scan or two. You could be the victim of a code injection and malware infection.
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