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Passed the JNCIP-SP today. I actually found this exam easier than the JNCIS-SP. I ordered the official courseware for the MPLS VPN's, Multicast, and CoS classes through my company and I attended the AJSPR class. Obviously working with the stuff on the job helped as well.

Lots of BGP, L3VPN, L2VPN, ISIS, and OSPF. Fortunately there wasn't too much multicast and CoS because those were my weakest areas.

What's next? I just ordered the JNCIE-SP bootcamp courseware through my company, but I am going to see if they will also let me attend the course in person once Juniper has some more classes scheduled.


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    Congrats! Good luck with the IE man.
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    Congrats on the pass! You'll have to let me know what you think of the JNCIE-SP Bootcamp material. My team just completed that project a few months ago. I'd really be interested in what you think of the Device Infrastructure, IGP Implementation, and IGP Troubleshooting chapters and labs. That's the material that I developed. :D
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    Thanks. Okay, will do. I think my company just ordered the books so hopefully I can start looking over it soon!
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    Well done :)
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    congrats man. Good luck with the Lab.

    Any idea what equipment you'll be using for it?
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Well, looks like Juniper decided not to sell the courseware for the JNCIE-SP bootcamp. Kind of annoyed that it would be posted and then pulled a few days later. Guess I will try to coerce the company to send me to the class
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    JNCIE-SP bootcamp courseware is nolonger available for selling. Anywhere to get a second one? Is it covers Basic Automation implementation and monitoring? Thanks
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    I never received the courseware, apparently when my company tried to order it, the site wouldn't let them and then they took it off the site.

    I would imagine that it does cover automation as that was touched upon in the JNCIP-SP and it is in the blueprint for the JNCIE.
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    Received the JNCIE-SP coursware for an upcoming bootcamp I am attending. So far the material looks pretty good! Will post my review of the materials and the bootcamp itself when finished. Until then: icon_study.gif
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    hi Ryan82, how is studying going? I am prepering for JNCIE-SP as well, maybe we can exchange ideas etc. My skype id: tomala362
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    Congrats ! next step JNCIE-SP
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