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I don't know if this is against NDA, but does anyone know if ROUTE covers VPN extensively? The INE and CBT Nuggets doesn't even cover it, and the OGC and FLG each have 1 super short chapter on the subject. I don't know if that means I don't need to worry about it for ROUTE or if that means I have to look for additional resource on the subject?


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    The best thing you can do is check out the link "View Exam Topics" on the description page for the ROUTE exam. All the topics you'll be seeing on the exam are listed there.

    From what I see, the only mention of VPN is "describe basic VPN technologies" as an item under "Implement Layer 3 Path Control Solution". It looks like in-depth VPN configurations are more in the domain of CCNP Security these days.

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    At the CCNP level you should be able to build a site to site from the CLI at this point. It used to be on the exam so the expection is still there. They mention GRE tunnels a lot too throughout the materials without ever really covering them.

    Grab the CCNA Security book and read the VPN and tunnel and switch security sections. I am glad I did my CCNA Sec before CCNP or I doubt I would have done as well as I did.
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