Failed first time, looking for ideas

Hi all,

I failed my first 70 680 exam with a miserable 445 and that was after studying with the Sybex book, the Poulton Book, Prof Messer videos, and using Virtual Lab for labs.

Despite all of that, I felt the exam was very difficult, asking questions not covered in the book, they seem to be more practical do this and how do you get to that rather than what version can be upgraded to what. With that in mind, I am at a loss for what I can do now. I do not know what book to get or where to study so I can learn the internal workings of this OS. I have a second attempt available to me, but am hesitant to book it without some major reworking.

Need advice on how to get to really know the ins and outs of this OS for the exam.


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    Don't feel bad. I have failed it twice with 647 and 682... Its a tough thing ,but just study the areas you are weak in and study it hard. Find some good questions ,but try and study that section with those type of questions. Thats the key and the biggest thing is to just keep going! icon_study.gif I know i will pass it in early to mid November and i know you will too. Happy Studying!
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    Have you tried using some other sources? No book will have all the info you need. I would look through the 685, 686 books, and a good book covering Server 2008 R2. Perhaps seeing the topics in a different format will help. For example, I just finished going through the MS press 640 book and am now working through the Sybex 640, 642,643 book. There is some different information, written differently that was not in the MS 640 book.
    Several other people have said that going through the 640 and 642 material helped a lot with the 680 exam.
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