DHCP and assigning address

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Hi guys,

I have a practice exam that's been bothering me for a while and can't find the answer. It asks the process of dynamically allocating an address by the DHCP server. The two answers I've narrowed down to are:

a. addresses are leased to hosts, which periodically contact the DHCP server to renew the lease
b. addresses are assigned for a fixed amount of time, at the end of the period, a new request must be made for an address.

I'm leaning towards B since I know that all DHCP addresses expire but the practice exam picked A as the answer. Once a client obtains a DHCP address from a server, does it periodically contact the DHCP server? If so, I can see why A would be the correct answer.


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    Yes. Halfway through the lease, the host will attempt to renew its IP. If that fails, it will try again at the next halfway mark. For example, if the lease is 4 days, it will renew at 2. If that fails, it will try to renew at 1 day
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    Thank you so much. I understood how the client obtains the address through discovery, offer, request and accept but didn't understand this to this extent.

    Again, thank you.
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