*New TE Subnetting Test and Guide*

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I just added a new Subnetting practice test. It currently has 10 questions - I'll double that soon - but since the rest will be more or less variations on the first 10 or so I decided to make it available already:

icon_arrow.gifPractice Exams - Subnetting (CCNA)

If you just started covering the wonderful topic of subnetting I suggest enabling the Show Answer option and read the extensive explanations before moving on to the next question. If you have a questions about a particular question please include the Question ID (at the top right of the question) in your post.

Additionally, and another reason for "pre-releasing" the test, is that after writing the lengthy explanations I figured I might as well write a Subnetting guide as well:

icon_arrow.gifIPv4 Subnetting TechNotes (If you have any comments regarding the contents please post in the comments at the bottom of the article, it'll end up in the forums as a post as well). This guide is not meant to be an ultimate guide to subnetting, contains no "tricks" but mostly binary math, and should work best if combined with subnetting chapters in your study books for example.

I hope you'll find them useful for your studies!



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