70-680 pass & an observation

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I passed after using the MS Press Book (thought it was pretty good, but I didn't read Poulton's book), and I used Prof. Messer's videos. I also had a class that focused in a lot of the material back when I got my AS a couple years ago.

I usually don't post these types of threads because they tend to be redundant, but I made an observation during the test that I wanted to share.

Many of the questions posed looked similar to this:

How do you do this thing in Windows 7?

A. Something possible if you're not positive what the question means
B. Something super silly easy that your brain wants to write off
C. Something complicated with lots of big, confusing words
D. Something just like #3 but a teeny bit different

We all want to jump on those two items that are related and complicated (I think we get brainwashed into it in high school), but don't count on either one being right. Sometimes it's the simple answer. Sometimes it's not. I just know that I probably saved myself a few wrong answers by going back over the whole test and making sure I didn't skim over anything that seemed unimportant due to its simplicity at first.

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    good advice!

    I have found that on some pretests my scores are low because I am rushing though or don't care as much as I would on the real test. The low scores are due to what you mentioned above in instinctively going for one of the similiar answers.

    What I have learned on many exams is that they will have 1 obviously wrong answer, 2 answers that are close together with only slight wording differences (you have to know the topic being questioned to realize if either both are wrong or only 1 is wrong) and then 1 or 2 answers that are right and then "more" right....

    I hate the multiple choice types of exams where they get tricky like that. it puts more emphasis on learning how to take the test then learning about the actual material (sure you need to know the material).
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