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Hi every one,
I have some questions about topics that covered in CCENT exam, I want to know if I need to study these topics are: VLSMs, and and Access Lists, NAT configuration using CLI (static, Dynamic and PAT), Frame Relay config. (WAN tech).

I'm now reading Todd's books (6th, 7th and CCENT), CBT training videos, hands on lab with PT (I don't have home lab yet may be soon for the next step ICND2), but I’m still don't know what practice exam should i look for?? I want take my test early in November, but I feel I need some more time to do subnetting and hands on lab icon_lol.gif

any advice will be great

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    For ICND1 you do not need VLSM, Access Lists, or NAT configuration using CLI. You should learn how to configure NAT using SDM and also I'd recommend learning Frame Relay config for ICND1.

    Regardless on when you WANT to take the exam, I wouldn't take it until you're thoroughly prepared (especially after having labbed everything). Remember the goal here isn't to pass a certification, but to lay down foundational networking knowledge for your career.
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    Thanks Rich, I'm gonna check Frame relay confguration but as far as I know its not that easy to manage, I will see if I can use PT to do some lab on it...
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