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Well I am going to starting my ccnp journey in the spring I am starting to piece my lab together. I currently have from my CCNA 3x 2620xm and 2x2950 EI image. I have just got an access server to make my life a little easier..

I am wondering what I will need to add for the ccnp lab. I was thinking for switches I
Could add 2x3550s with Poe. Just in case I do voice in the future. I would really like to also get 2x3650 for private vlans as well. Will that get me past the switch exam?

As for the router exam I plan on using the the 2620xms and maybe get a 3 or so 2811s depending on what I can afford. Am I on the right track? Can someone steer me in the right direction if not?



  • nicklauscombsnicklauscombs Member Posts: 885
    you're looking good as far as the setup goes. if you really want to save money though GNS3 for ROUTE and some 2950s and 3550s with EI will get you there. if you really wanna practice the pvlan configurations get some free lab time from packet life.
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    I do agree with Nick ! save money do the GNS3 and get some decent switches 3550, 3560, or 3700 if you have the cash...
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