Vlan troubles

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I decided to set up a three layer switching network and have three different offices that I'm going to vlan between.

I've decided to make the top left Switch my VTP Server and feed everything out on the network from here. My question is although I can create the VLAN's on this switch should VTP tell all other switches about these VLAN's?
Also, what VLAN's would I create going from my core switches down to the distribution etc?
If I have PC's assigned to VLAN's 10 and 20 how do I vlan that over the other switches?



  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Member Posts: 844
    VTP should tell the other switches about the VLANs that you create as long as the VTP versions, VTP domains and VTP passwords match. Also, as long as the other switches are in server or client mode and not in transparent mode.

    You would not usually have VLANs in the core in your network. VLANs typically are in the access and distribution layers.
  • alliasneoalliasneo Member Posts: 186
    thanks for the response. I think I'll start in an easier design for now and then build up. I added two switches in to the same domain and VTP seems to have worked. From what I could see though it looked like Packet Tracer didn't update the configuration revision number? I'll have another look at this to make sure...
  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Member Posts: 844
    I haven't used Packet Tracer. If you can afford it, and you plan on going on to CCNP after you finish CCNA, you can't miss with a few cheap 2950s.
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