Job Opportunity Gone, Should I reply?

Recently, I had multiple job interviews with 3 different people at the company. It was very very close to getting the job offer. Spent 1 month interviewing with this company. Today, I finally receive an email telling me I am no longer considered for the position. It was me against another candidate. Should I reply back and thank them for their time and consideration? Should I write 1-2 sentences? or ignore them and move forward? This is a great company though.


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    I would thank them for considering you for the position and if another position would open you would like the opportunity to interview for the position again.

    "Any consideration would be greatly appreciated"
  • baseball1988baseball1988 Member Posts: 119
    Thanks for the reply.

    I will e-mail them back in a few hours. I'm a bit surprised and disappointed...I should have delayed the last interview to prepare for the technical questions....I am employed and have nothing to lose right now.
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    I would reply and thank them anyways. You never know if the person they chose ends up being a bonehead and they end up calling you back.
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    definitely reply back thanking them for the opportunity.
  • baseball1988baseball1988 Member Posts: 119
    All of you are right! I should email back and thank them for the consideration.
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    Even if you are not selected for a position, it is a sign of professionalism to thank them for considering you, and politely ask that should any future opportunities arise to consider you.
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    it depends...what its a generic automated email? if so, i wouldnt even bother.
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