70-210 and 70-290 TechNotes

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Would it be safe to say I could use the 70-290 TechNotes to study for the 70-210? Except for Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) which is exclusive to XP. Should I study Internet Information Services (IIS) or skip over that (or anything else I should skip)?

I bought a voucher that expired 3 weeks from when i bought it/resumed studying. Figured that would motivate me!!!



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    The 70-210 will test you on things concerning the local machine and as a network client. 70-290 is a server and tests you on the computer in that role.

    I would suggest that you be motivated to quickly acquire an ExamCram 2 for the 70-210 and concentrate on that.

    Good luck!
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    And 210 is Windows 2000 and 290 is Windows 2003. Although not entirely useless, I wouldn't suggest buying some 210 material instead of preparing with another exam's study material. If you don't want to spend money on it, I suggest googling for free 70-210 guides and practice exams as there is plenty available.
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    Now i understand. I was confusing the 70-290 with the 70-270! Thanks for the advice
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