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Just a quick question id liked cleared up if possible. Say i have a network that uses solely TCP/IP but i then add in a netware server, what all do i need to configure? As far as i can see i would configure netware client on the connection (i.e. LAN) which would in turn install the IPX protocol automatically. Would this be sufficient to allow full communication or would further configuration be required on the netware server such as TCP/IP. Also would all the client computers and servers require the netware client and IPX protocol to be installed aswell?? thanks :)


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    To allow communication between two network devices (in this case client and server) they both need to use the same protocol. This can be TCP/IP or IPX/SPX or AppleTalk for example. However, TCP/IP is the default protocol for Netware, unless you are running a very old Netware version (ie. 5.x or earlier). I.o.w. IPX/SPX is no longer used.
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    Ok thanks for the reply. does what ur saying then mean that unless its an older version of netware then i dont need to install the netware client for the connection because by default it will use TCP/IP?Simply attaching the netware server to the network will allow client/server communication? Sorry if this seems obvious to you, i jus havent dealt with this before icon_redface.gif
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    Without a client it will allow communication on a TCP/IP level (i.e. you could ping it, access http, smtp or whatever tcp/ip protocol or service on the server), but to actually logon to the netware server environment you still need to install netware client software on the client (unless they changed it in the latest version, which I doubt). I.e. to access shared resources, process logon scripts, etc.
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    To communicaste with Netware, you need to be running the same protocol. To Authenticate with Netware, you need a client.

    I believe with netware 5.1, TCP/IP become the default protocol. Microsoft has refused to really acknowledge this, so when you install CSNW (client services for netware) the Microsoft client for novell network, you get NWLink which is MS's version of IPX/SPX.

    Novell also has its own client. If you want to just access files on a Netware server, you can get away with using the Microsoft client, but if you want some of the advanced features of netware, go with the netware client.

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    OK that makes sense, thankyou :D
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    If I remember correctly, it was NetWare 4.11 that first included a TCP/IP stack. What I do remember was that it was EXTREMELY buggy. I think they released it too soon under pressure from customers who wanted their NetWare servers on the Internet.

    Make sure that whatever version of NetWare you are using you have the latest patches.
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    That's correct, it was called Netware/IP (although TCP/IP modules became available for 3.12 and 3.2 as well). IPX/SPX was still the default protocol, in later version TCP/IP became the native protocol.
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    From my old CNE days I remember 4.11 being the release that include TCP/IP and 5.0 being when it was actually considered to be default (and more importantly, when it actually worked.) That's when they started getting fancy and calling it Intranetware. Sheesh, I still have NDS nightmares today and that was years ago!!!
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    keatron wrote:
    Sheesh, I still have NDS nightmares today and that was years ago!!!

    I hear ya dude - we still have a client running 4 icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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    Cheers for ur help !! :D
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