Passed 701 and 702 both with a 900/900!

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I am a long time lurker of these boards, and I just want to say thank you to all the kind posters that share their resources on this site. I followed the guidance and advice found on this site by searching and blew the Comptia A+ to pieces with a 900 on both exams, and I took them back to back!

I used, this site, Mike Meyers All in One and the Pearson 31 days before your exam book. I studied on and off the last month and a half and really focused the last 3 and a half days! The Network engineer of the school district wanted to meet me personally because nobody had ever achieved perfect scores in this county before! I think I may even get an internship with him.

I am 30 years old and have been on computers since I was 8; dos, 3.1 and all the way up to win7. I have no professional IT experience, but have decided to recently change career paths. I plan to go to WGU in a few months to round myself out as I already have an A.A.

Thanks goes to all of you for the support; I could not have done it without these forums!

How common is a perfect score anyway?


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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass and great first post. Best of luck with WGU. I know many people on these forums are going that route and have really elevated their knowledge. Judging by what I see people post in these forums, perfect scores aren't that common but it sounds like you didn't take the exams for granted and really took the time to learn the objectives. Outstanding.

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    Nice. Congrats.
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    I would imagine 900/900 on both exams is pretty uncommon.

    I got an 893/900 on the 701, and a 900/900 on the 702, and the person manning the testing center said those scores were pretty uncommon, so I would imagine that 900/900 on both would be that much more so.

    Congrats on the pass.


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    I appreciate the kind words from all of you. I had some extra motivation in that by me being successful, a scholarship for future students to have their certifications paid for would be established. I am also very hard on myself, and told myself anything other than perfect was failing. I know that I am at a disadvantage by having no professional IT experience, but I cannot control that, however I can control the education I receive and the grades I earn. I figure if I can prove myself through certs/education maybe somebody will throw me a bone.
    I want this bad, bad enough to give up 80K/yr and accept the fact that I will probably have to raise 2 kids on $8 to $12/hr doing tech support for a year to get my feet wet.
    I am counting on a decade of professional Customer Service experience, and a lifetime of personal IT experience to bust my foot through the door, yet I am realistic enough to know that your first IT job is the hardest one to get.
    I am thinking of going for the 70-680 next as it will knock out another course at WGU before I start there. I hear people say it is rough to pass, but I have access to free Microsoft products, and a machine capable of running several virtual machines. What do you guys think, 3 months enough time to lab/read for 70-680?
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    Good job! What's up next for you? If you're heading to WGU I hear CCNA and Sec+ are important to get before starting. Not sure if that's true...

    You mention a career change? What are your new goals? IT sec? Sys admin? Net admin? I am always curious why people enter IT.

    Perfect scores are pretty common on Comptia exams for people with history with technology and decent testing skills. Maybe take it as a sign you need to move quicker to your next exam?
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    I would like to work in IT Security eventually, but understand an Admin role would need to come first; these are my assumptions, but it seems experience as an admin would be necessary to properly work in security. I foresee my track as the following: Tech/Desktop Support --->Network Admin--->Network Security. However, it seems as though System/Network Admins are merging in many business. Please correct me if I am wrong on any of this as I most definitely prefer real world, hands on advice rather than my own assumptions. If it were up to me, I would like to focus on networking, by starting at a NOC, but there are limited jobs here in Florida.
    I made this change because I have been a Geek in disguise my whole life, and I have always loved manipulating technology, and at 30 years old with a decade of CS/Management experience and an AA under my belt I decided to do something I enjoy. As of right now I am intrigued by networking, but I also realize that I need marketable skills and to pursue a career choice that is in demand. Most importantly, I invite change, as I get bored quickly, so the thought of never ending education in an IT world are inviting to me.
    What are your thoughts on my projected path? Anybody working as a Network Admin or in Network Security have any advice? My ultimate goal is to conquer the CCIE, quite simply because it seems so damn hard :)!
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    Well round out your basics and follow the money. You can't force any job.

    And your VERY right about getting your core skills in first. Take your time. Round up a Net+, CCNA:Sec, and MCITP: Server Admin over the next year or so. WGU is probably a good move too. CCIE is certainly a awesome goal, CCIE:Security just as much. But I wouldn't over fixate on it.

    The general 1-2-3 I recommend to people...
    1) Snag experience, I recommend volunteer work at libraries and senior centers at first
    2) Snag those core certs, lab lab lab.
    3) Start meeting people, get out to technology users' groups. Cisco and Microsoft and Linux users groups tend to be the best.
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    I have decided after reading the first 3 chapters of Odom's book and watching 5 CBT Nuggets that CCNA is my next plan of attack. Networking intrigues me, and even subnetting just clicks for me. After researching the available jobs in Florida(haha, didn't take long), my goal is CCENT by January 30 and CCNA by February 28. If I was a CCNA now there are several NOC jobs in Orlando for $15 to $24 an hour, however they all want experience and/or CCNA. I will probably go back into hiding (lurking) for a while, and update when I meet my next goal. I am using CBT nuggets, Odom, Lammle, Bryant Advantage, and Packet Tracer for CCNA; when I get loan money next month I will be assembling a home Cisco lab.
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    goodluck on your goals! keep us posted on how things work out
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