Passed the JN0-101 (JNCIA-Junos)

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Hi guys,

I took the JN0-101 this morning and passed with a 90%. A passing score is 66%. I used O'Reilly's Junos Enterprise Switching book for a majority of my studies and watch some CBT Nuggets (but the instructor seemed to fumble his way through the lectures). I also have about 1-1/2 years working on Juniper EX switches and Juniper SRX Firewalls so working within Junos is familiar to me.


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    Congrats! Moving on to more Juniper certs or another direction?
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    Currently attending WGU so I'll be going back to that, once finished I'll probably move onto more Juniper certs as I forsee a change in the networking world. Unless Cisco makes some drastic changes with their platform, pricing, etc., I feel Juniper will take over as market leader in a few years.
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    Congrats mate! With your SRX experience you have a good head start on the JNCIS/JNCIP path.

    I didn't even know there was a cbt nuggets out for the JNCIA exam otherwise I might have bought it!
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    Ya, it just came out a couple months ago, it's wasn't the best but it definately helped.
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats! I was also unaware that CBT nuggets has a CBT for this.
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    I just watched one of the videos on the site for this and can't say the instructor really grabs me.
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    Very cool that there are some videos that are being made now, However, I do agree that the instructor isn't the most "captivating". On a side note I just recorded a video on Router IDs, was about 12 mins long and I think they're going to feature these new videos we're doing on the Juniper Learning Portal (Fast Track). I believe that it's going to be some more free material like the other free stuff in there. There will be a other videos from other Juniper employees too.

    Oh, also, congrats on the pass :D
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    I had to make an account to post this...I had a *really* bad experience with the JNCIA CBT from them.

    I grabbed this one via our corporate account and while I can say that some parts of it "could" be useful to beginners, the instructor was completely unfit to be teaching that course.

    I was by far the worst CBT I've ever watched in my life. I've never had a problem with anything from CBT nuggets, most of their videos are simply the best available. The Cisco videos (from jeremy) are completely fantastic.

    Throughout the series I became increasingly embarrassed for Bobby (the instructor) - In many cases he was completely unaware of how to accomplish a task, and/or simply doing it completely wrong without knowing it.

    In many cases he was simply reading directly (without paraphrasing) the material provided by Juniper. No insight was ever provided from him. I'm not sure he ever touched a device before he started recording.

    I HIGHLY recommended avoiding this at all costs. It's just painful to watch
  • lrblrb Member Posts: 526
    Good to know incase this guy does any of the other Juniper certs! Plus, the course materials you buy from are probably the best source of material for studying at home anyway in my opinion.
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    lrb wrote: »
    Good to know incase this guy does any of the other Juniper certs! Plus, the course materials you buy from are probably the best source of material for studying at home anyway in my opinion.

    Yeah, I'd definitely agree. I would have been happier if he was reading/sourcing his material from those books even...He was just reading directly from the free fast-track material...Really no value added at all
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