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So lab is mostly done and I have it at work. I would prefer to keep it there as that way I save on the electrical bill and don’t mind if it is up 24/7. It struck me today that this setup is going to suck on the weekend and late at night (I don't want to live at the office). I would prefer to keep it off my existing network so I was thinking that I would setup a PC connected to my access server and my network. Then I can just remote into that PC and run everything from there. The process seems a little clunky to me so I was wondering if anyone had a better suggestion.


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    I have my lab setup at work as well. I use it mostly during lunch hour when I'm in the office or after work. I can either LMI into my machine and access my lab or VPN and access my lab directly, however I do most of my lab work when I'm in the office. It's about 15 min from home and on the weekends I usually go in as its tough to get decent study time with wife and two kids at home. You could always bring it home and no one says it has to be on 24/7, just when you want to get some lab time in.
  • geek4godgeek4god Member Posts: 187
    Yea, more I think about it I think my best option is just to put the access server on the network.. Rest of the lab would still be segmented and I would have access..
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    I use switched PDUs so the lab can be powered up remotely. I love it.
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    My lab is in my office as well. It says on 24/7 but I am privileged enough to have a static IP assigned to my Digi Console Server so I have dedicated access to my rack at all times.
    My lab PC has dual NIC's one that connects to my lab, and the other one is connected to another network at the office that I have port forwarding on for rdp access to that pc.
    This setup 2 ways to access my lab, go through the pc and telnet or ssh to the device or console access through the console server.
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