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Well today I passed my ICND2. A few surprises on it, good ones mostly. I figured there would be more labs involved.

I realize I have not contributed much to the forum here, mostly lurking and looking for tips. So I anyone has questions about the test itself, I will do my best to answer (within the bounds of the testing agreement).

My question to those who might have been in a similar situation, I am equally interested in pursuing a ccna voice, and wireless cred, along with eventually moving up to ccnp level R&S. Which one would you do next? Do you think I should keep on with the R&S track since it is so fresh in my head?

For those who have done both, which one is more challenging, voice or wireless? I know the gear for voice is cheaper to set up a home lab.


  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Posts: 6,843Mod Mod
    Congrats on the pass.
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  • ThunderPipeThunderPipe Posts: 120Member
    I would move immediately into the CCNP track. The knowledge is there. You just need to expound upon it. As for Voice or Wireless, from my experience, voice is much more needed and necessary than wireless. Congrats on your pass.
  • VAHokie56VAHokie56 Posts: 783Member
    I went right for CCNP after my CCNA...once I pass ROUTE , I may take a look at CCNA:voice while I am studying for CCIP
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  • alliasneoalliasneo Posts: 186Member
    I'm working towards my ccna now. Hope to take it around feb/mar next year and I'm not sure where to go with my certifications after. I like the idea of doing ccna security and going down that route but do u think it's more beneficial to try for the ccnp straight away? I always assumed the ccnp would be really hard and aimed at people who have been in the industry a few year and built up the experience...
  • ThunderPipeThunderPipe Posts: 120Member
    The CCNP is the way to go. From my understanding, those specializations assume you have knowledge (that you wouldn't have pre-CCNP). I haven't gone into those tracks, but even still. The CCNA knowledge is fresh in your mind. I'd move immediately into Switch or Route.
  • alliasneoalliasneo Posts: 186Member
    Ahh now that's interesting because I looked at it like - get the foundation stuff down, so obviously start with ccna and then maybe ccna security or ccna voice and then move in to ccnp as u will have a broader foundation level knowledge and hopefully so on the job experience to move in to the more professional role.
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    Congrats on the pass.

    What did you use for study materials/exam sims?

    Which topic did you spend the most time studying for?
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