Anyone pass the CCNA only with CBT videos?

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I truly hate reading. I tried to read the cisco press ccna book and i just lose focus and dose off. I was planning on buying a cbt video and take notes via pen and paper.


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    When you read, how many pages are you trying to digest?
  • sizeonsizeon Member Posts: 321
    I do half a chapter per day. About 20 pages. After the first 3 pages i start to dose off and not remember what i just read.
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    Some questions:

    Q: How many hours a night of sleep do you get?
    Q: How often do you read? Does this occur with other reading?
    Q: How old are you?
  • sizeonsizeon Member Posts: 321
    1) 7 - 8 hours. Usually 7 hours on weekends.
    2) I read reviews about gadgets and technology benchmark every day. But i dont read books. Yes it does occur when reading other books. Actually i had this problem since junior high school.
    3) I am 23 years old.
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    If you work with Cisco every day, know the stuff pretty well and and use the CBT as a review, you may be OK. If that is not th case then you really have to find a way to dig through that book. I am also curious about the questions dontstop asked. It may be te case that you are exhausted when reading. That will make anything you read as fun as quantum physics.
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    Some more questions:

    Q: Do you exercise much? Are you a fit/healthy person?
    Q: Do you procrastinate a lot?
    Q: Do you have potential and typically underachieve?
  • sizeonsizeon Member Posts: 321
    1) Actually yes i do. I do powerlifting, i have videos on youtube if you would like to see. I am also fit.
    2) I wouldn't say a lot. But i do procrastinate.
    3) Somewhat yes.
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    Do you have much balance in your life? Or is it all black & white. Like do you go at things 110% and other things suffer? Like is powerlifting your life and everything else comes second (as an example)

    Edit: 2) I read reviews about gadgets and technology benchmark every day. But i dont read books. Yes it does occur when reading other books. Actually i had this problem since junior high school.

    Does it occur when you read articles for fun? Or when you are just in need to learn this mode?
  • sizeonsizeon Member Posts: 321
    Yes, i am a loner since i moved. And i do prioritize powerlifitng to anything else (except when i have exams).

    EDIT 2): I usually skim through the paragraphs to find what i need. Yes happens to both.
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    I'd suggest having a read of Jocks thread.

    Do the note taking from the videos.don't forget the free INe ccna course streaming
    ( free until end of the month)

    do the reading but a few pages at a time with note taking.

    then write/make flash cards then next few pages.

    You're not partially dyslexic like me?
    I was lucky enough to have help at home and at school when I was little so no problems now with reading,
    spell checkers on all devices eliminate the rest.
    Goals CCNA by dec 2013, CCNP by end of 2014
  • sizeonsizeon Member Posts: 321
    No, i am not dslexic. I excel in school. Actually i do extremely well on math. Also, my writing is very good as well.
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    Okay well from the little bit of information i now have i will give you some general advice.

    1. You need to socialize, you need to find friends and start mingling more. You will find motivation once you have people pushing +Edit: Plus it's also very nice to just get away from something for a bit and sometimes small talk and just being stupid allows you to come back with a refreshed view on things. Don't fall into this trap of thinking to become something you have to fall pray to their stereotypes. Many guys i work with are great at what they do but don't let it consume their life.

    2. Go to the Optometrist and get your eyes checked, this could be a reason for you starting to dose. If your eyesight is slightly off when reading you put massive strain on trying to focus and this can make you tired.

    3. Try and learn when you study the best, some people can learn better in the morning, some at night. Try wake up have a shower & breakfast and start to study or try it during the day etc. test & play. If you were not a real big studier at school you may have never learned how to study to suite your body/mind.

    4. Get yourself a lab, when you have kit in real life to work with - this can motivate you.

    5. Slow down. Don't feel the need to just read 20,30,40 pages a night and bang out a book in 1.5 weeks, make notes - research further online. Spend deep time with the subject. Just reading text and not actively learning is boring and will make anyone fall asleep, especially if the subject matter is dry like any non-fiction book.

    6. Find a reason to study. Read: &

    7. Also understand that reading is like working out. You cannot just start reading a lot without training, try get yourself another book. Maybe about powerlifting or even just some random book you might find interesting and start reading that, it will help you train and get your mind in the right place.

    8. Welcome to 2011/2012... our minds have changed with computers, phones & TV. It's very hard for people to now read, we are use to information being fed to use. Your not alone with struggling to read at all, especially with Youtube, Facebook and SMS it's becoming harder for people to learn from written text. But like anything - don't use it, lose it - is very prevalent you just need to train yourself to read more.

    I assume you are like many people who use the Internet alot, people are struggling now to focus for more than 8-10 minutes before zoning out. We are use to jumping quickly from website to website and being distracted by chat popups and checking out phone for TXT's/Calls etc. Like your body, you need to now train your mind to be strong and understand when it's time to work, play or sleep.
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    To answer your question, Watching the CBT videos will only get you so far. They are a summary of a much broader text - So you are missing information that is foundation to your understanding that could trip you up in the future. To give you an idea, the CBT nuggets are what you should try and aim for when making study notes. Also if you read those threads you will see that some people interleave the nuggets with their reading, to give them a break from reading.
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