a little problem ( not sure about my solution )

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Hi everybody,

After a long time came to browse in this forum..

Yes the problem is that i got a computer to repair. Its a power problem. When i start the computer sometimes it startsup sometimes not, But when you start it up and no video is comming but the fan in the cpu keep running. And sometime when it startsup without a problem a some times its get off, but the cpu is still running. I tested the video card thats oke. I still am troubleshooting the problem. Can it be that the power supply is defective. Any solutions !!!


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    I would suggest that you replace the power supply, and then see if this problem persists. If it does, there is a very strong possibility that the motherboard has a problem. I believe you can isolate the cpu, as you say that it is running. I would also say that the power suppy connector on the motherboard may be defective in some way. Hope this helps.
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    I always keep a spare, known-good Power Supply Unit (PSU) handy to check if a PSU in a computer has gone bad. You can get some really weird stability problems from intolerant PSUs, so I like to rule out a bad PSU first. Any PSU with a date code older than four years I would hold in high suspicion of being in need of replacement.

    Do you get any POST error codes when you do the long POST check? The problem that you describe can also be created by bad RAM. Check that possibility second. I'm assuming that you already swapped-out the video card and that didn't fix the problem.
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