Going to Build My Security Lab

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So my Mac died and as I cried I got lucky and my new job provided me with a laptop! I will be using that as my attach machine (cleared it with my boss) so I setup VMWare with Backtrack. Ultimately I will end up setting up a VM with some flavor of linux and set it up with the tools. I had this machine I got on ebay for $100 bucks, but I ended up losing the power cable for it (dumb I know) so I found one for $20 bucks. That machine will be my target machine. I want to start saving up to purchase a server, install VMWare, and then setup all kinds of VMs to attack. Going to take sometime, but going to use this to finish eCPPT, OSWP, OSCP, and finally OSCE. Been doing some soul searching and I really think I want to work on exploit development. Since I am leaning that way, I am also considering doing a Masters in Computer Science instead of IS. But plenty of time to worry about that...
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