sitting 271 tomorrow

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Been busy studying away. Went on the 2261 course and have read all of corresponding MOAC as well. Used **** and Transcender practice exams - instructor said MeasureUp was crap. Fingers crossed icon_eek.gif


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    eh, okay. so this site puts in the above text when you mention xxxxxx? that's just charming. it's not like i haven't put in the work!!!
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    Put simply, the product you used is a banned guide, specifically because it is one of many companies that produce guides with ACTUAL exam questions, which is in violation of the NDA all test takers must agree to. If you really put in the work, you wouldn't need to use a banned **** guide, especially for MCDST, a fairly simple exam set. Did you know Microsoft has an official clinic for both exams, available 100% free at their learning site?? If you browse through this forum a bit, the link is posted multiple times.
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    icon_idea.gif If a forums sensors a word, you might not want to try and circumvent the censor as it's there for a reason. Posting illegal sites/products/links is against our registration terms and can results in a ban.
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    I actually wasn't aware of that fact re that particular product. I'll know better for the future. I just went with the advice of a colleague but will now inform him that what they suggest as an additional study method is actually not allowed. I found Transcender practice exams to be very good. I used Microsoft's e-learning materials as well as having completed the commercial courses for MCDST too.
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