“AntiSec publishes 935,000 records taken from Stratfor” (Career Options/Trends)

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Hello everyone---
I recently came across this article and I’m seeking career advice in the Cyber-Security Field
“AntiSec publishes 935,000 records taken from Stratfor”
AntiSec publishes 935,000 records taken from Stratfor

Not to sound insensitive, but does anyone have thoughts/suggestions on how this inevitable trend could provide new employment options? (I’m CEH Certified, but have limited hands-on experience)
I’m leaning towards seeking a position in a smaller personally-owned business rather than the obvious Mega-Companies (primarily because of my experience level)
Example: My buddies Cyber-Security company (R.I.S.K. Real Internet Security Knowledge) (Three-man operation)
Any thoughts/leads/etc. would be much appreciated

I hope that you and your family had a healthy and happy holiday season


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