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.. I'm so worried about sitting this exam? I've done my Network+ and got 840/900 on it, I was a little nervous going in but I was confident that I knew everything I needed to. For Security+, however, I can't seem to get a decent pass on the practice exams, I either just miss the mark or scrape a pass and it's making me really worried about sitting the exam.

I started reading Darril's 201 guide before New Year, thinking that the exam wasn't being retired until later this year, but when I discovered that I would have to sit the 301, I got the CompTIA Security+ Study Guide; Emmett Dulaney. Nothing seems to be sticking and I'm struggling to remember things from Cryptography and PKI specifically. Can anyone recommend an effective method of learning these two topics?


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    Darril does have his 301 guide out for the Kindle, 9.99. You might want to pick that up and download the free Kindle reader for PC, Mac, iOS, or Android.
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    Sorry, I've not been being ignorant, I've been juggling work and revision!

    I would have bought that but I hate reading off small screens (I don't have a tablet), I prefer having a book in front of me. I think I've cracked it now, I've just made notes and flashcards from the book and it seems to be working. I don't know why, but it just started to click suddenly!

    I would still probably say that Cryptography/PKI is my weakest area compared to others, but I do feel alot better about the exam now..
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    Glad to hear that things are starting to click for you. Cryptography and PKI are a challenge for most people with this exam so don't feel alone, mostly because it isn't a topic that many people have been exposed to before the Security+ exam. The emphasis is a little reduced in the SY0-301. It was 15% of the exam in the SY0-201 exam, but is reduced to 11% in the SY0-301 exam. But even though it is reduced, you still need a good understanding of the topoics to be able to answer the questions.

    Good luck.

    Darril Gibson
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    Thanks Darril! I completely agree with it being due to lack of exposure. Quite a few of the topics I had come across before, such as Wireless and Mobile security, but Cryptography, PKI and Certificates are all relatively new. Regardless, I find them the most interesting topics to read about, by far.. Out of all of the topics I'd say I've found the Risk Assessment/Management ones the easiest to grasp as it's just following procedure like with anything.
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