Study time?

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How long are you guys spending studying for the Security+? Also how are you breaking it down (i.e. 2 chapters a week)?


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    Haven't started my book yet. Still watching messer videos, and making notes from it. I'm on section 4, started about 2 weeks ago. Application, Data, and Host Security.

    2 Chapters a week sounds legitimate.
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    All depends on how familiar you are with the material. I always browse through a books table of contents and try to measure how much I already (though this doesn't work with every book as some will use humorous descriptions for the section). For the Security+ I felt pretty confident with a good amount of the content and decided that reading the book was about as much studying as needed (since I was familiar with the concepts). On the other hand, if your still vague about the material then the answer is you study until your not. Sometimes people (my self included) just need to implement the solution themselves via a lab/exercise just to get the concept to click. The beautiful part is that come close to test time, if your not confident about your skills at that moment in time you can always reschedule the test to a later date. This has the benefit of still having a time requirement (so you don't get lazy and never take it) and giving you some more breathing room, reducing the chance of a nervous breakdown when taking the test.
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    ive been studying for about 7 days (just finished DG's book) and test on saturday. im at the point where i am just doing self tests and reviewing anything that is still foggy. ill let you know if thats enough on saturday afternoon. i feel confident, but who knows?

    i have an IT background + education so this is familiar material.
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    I always studied at work. Once I had all my projects caught up and on slow days I would study. As long as you do your daily duties, I don't think most managers would mind a little study time during the day. 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there adds up throughout the week. I would just study as much as my brain would allow.
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