What do I need for VCP 5?

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I've just passed my CCNA and was hoping to start learning VCP.

I'm currently going to be starting classes at my local school.

What hardware would I need to start to practicing some of the materials to help me in with the technology?

Any thoughts would be really appreciated.



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    I reckon you should go through the previous threads on what people used for their preparation for this cert. There's a whole heap of very useful info in them with regards to the kind of lab you should have and the study material you should use. You also need to attend a training course at a VMware accredited (this the right word?) training centre.
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    As Essendon stated, the first thing would to read previous threads. I'm in the same boat as you. I finished my CCNA in August and now am looking at VCP.

    I already have a post on here on the hardware I built to create my own lab.

    The two things you need for the vcp:

    1.) a class by vmware. There are several approved classes.
    2.) Take the VCP exam.
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