What to take after CISSP

pleiadenpleiaden Member Posts: 18 ■■■□□□□□□□
I was curious to see what members have taken after the CISSP?
I am looking into SANS, CIPP, as well as some others.


  • Chivalry1Chivalry1 Member Posts: 569
    I took the CEH V7. I am still undecided on what my next certification will be.
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  • swildswild Member Posts: 828
    My next security cert will be the CCNA:Security because it's part of my WGU studies. The next one I will take after that is the C|EH. Others I'm considering are the CISM/CISA, CEPT, OSCP, CWSP. If I can get someone to pay my way, I would totally go for the SANS Cyber Gaurdian program because it just looks like fun. In a couple more years, I will be going for the ISSAP concentration.
  • FalasiFalasi Member Posts: 115
    While waiting for my CISSP , I'm planning for OSWP .... a small break from heavy reading (my exam is ganna be next thursday, wish me luck!). base on my result I'll redo CISSP or do ISSMP after June CISM on June ... may sound like alot but there are common subjects between all 3, +/- here and there so no big deal.

    If I have the time next year I'll work on OSCP -> OSCE , those should be fun to do....
  • contentproscontentpros Member Posts: 115 ■■■■□□□□□□
    You might want to look at taking ISACA's CISM much of the material is the same just a little deeper. If you can pass the CISSP then the CISM should be fairly simple.
  • AlexNguyenAlexNguyen Member Posts: 359
    After the CISSP, I took the CISA. Because both are requirements for our internal security jobs.
    While waiting for the CISA exam, I took the ITIL v3 Foundation exam. That helped me with my
    CISA study.

    When I took the CISA exam last year in June, there were about 10 people for the CISM and 50
    people for the CISA.
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  • afcyungafcyung Member Posts: 212
    I am working on my CCNA after I completed my CISSP. After that its CCNA:Security. Then a pen testing cert. You could do a Microsoft security route.
  • FalasiFalasi Member Posts: 115
    I'm working on ISSMP as well as CISM. CISM should help me advance in my career while ISSMP for self glorification (there is just other guy from my country with it icon_twisted.gif).

    Just passing CISSP (still waiting for endorsement) gave me enough confident and respect as well as credibility within my current job. I somehow like this feeling :D

    Edit: will have to delay ISSMP for at least next Dec. My work shifted to more about Wireless currently so I may do wireless related certs while its my tasks. will see....
  • paul78paul78 Member Posts: 3,016 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I imagine that what to take next largely depends on your career aspirations. And the local conditions - ie what country and industry you are in.

    I work in financial services in the US so baseline is CISSP. After that, if you are in management, it tends to be CISM or CISA depending on infosec or audit focus. The CIPP is also common. But most of my peers also tend to have an area of speciality, such as forensics, incident management, pent testing so most hold a related GIAC cert in the area of focus.

    Best of luck on your choice, security is a varied and complex profession.
  • beadsbeads Senior Member Member Posts: 1,520 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Have to agree with paul78 here. Because ISACA offers testing twice a year its fairly easy to schedule one with study time around the more flexible certs that are offered anytime of the year. Find some overlap and it becomes even easier.
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