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Can someone explain how I can create a Ghost boot disk to use with my sysprep? I have ghost but do not know how to create a ghost boot disk.



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    I haven't used Ghost for years so I hope someone else will be able to help you with that, but I did mention an alternative in your other topic about sysprep: BartPE (Pre- boot Environment, a bootable CD with mini Windows). The main reason I'm mentioning it again is that it (the MS WinPE) will become 'the' method to perform tasks such as imaging and other Windows deployement and maintenance tasks.
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    from what I remember you get your PC ready for imaging (install everything you need, sysprep, shutdown)

    Get a bootable Ghost CD & easiest is an external hard drive.

    boot to ghost and follow the onscreen wizard to make the image (*.gho) and save on the external Hard Drive.

    then on another PC boot to Ghost follow the wizard to deploy the image.
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    You can install Ghost console on your computer and there's an option to make a bootable floppy. If the PC doesn't have a floppy you can use nero to create a CD that emulates a floppy or you can use a network boot disk and run ghost from a network drive.

    I like the network drive method best as I can pull the image or make an image right to the server instead of using an externa hard drive.

    Look up Barts boot disks in Google to create a bootable network disk.

    If you're at a site without a server, I'd just bring a created Ghost boot CD and image CD. The floppy disks tend to wear out and it would always pee me off as then I can't get the image on the drive.

    This is my experiences anyway with the version of Ghost our company purchased.
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    Got it - thaks for the replies guys.

    Yes I know how to use sysprep know from the explanations from you guys. But it says use a third party image software on a bootable floppy to burn the image. I did not understand how to create a bootable floppy.

    Thanks again guys. I will explore BartPe after I install the ghost console and create the bootable floppy so I can continue with my exercise.

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